January 6, 1972 ~ July 30, 2020

Born in: Indianapolis, IN
Resided in: Indianapolis, IN


Visitation: August 15, 2020 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Lavenia & Summers Home For Funerals
5811 East 38th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46218

Celebration of Life: August 15, 2020 12:00 pm

Lavenia & Summers Home For Funerals
5811 East 38th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46218

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  1. Dear Sweet AJ. Oh how you will be missed. I have never met a more sweet and gentle human being with such a pure soul. May you rest in peace sweet man. Bonnie

  2. AJ brought so much positivity with him everywhere he went. He will be so missed by his OTB friends. I feel lucky to have known this sweet and silly soul.

  3. Dear AJ I am going to miss your friendly greet and handshake right before church service. May you rest with in our Lord Jesus Christ.

  4. Anthony you were a sweet gentle soul that brought so much joy to so many. Harlee🐾And I will miss you! Fly high young man!

  5. Everyone who met him knew within the first five seconds that he had this unadulterated joy within him that sparked a warmth in others. I had the absolute privilege of working with him side-by-side for three whole years. That joy and warmth filled my group room day in and day out and it made everyone who entered better because of it.

    I have a feeling that his contagious smile and bright personality are going to be common themes amongst the memories shared, so I wanted to share a different memory, in case there aren’t virtual options for the service and I won’t have the chance to share this otherwise.

    Mr. Anthony Johnson was one of the most patiently determined people I’ve ever met. Didn’t matter how long something took him, he would get it done. And God forbid you try to stop him. “I got it.” would be his only response, but the tone was enough to convey how much he meant it.

    In 2017, almost three years ago on the DOT, we were at a park and AJ said, “I wanna go down the slide.” Me, giving into my ableism a bit, assumed he meant the smallest slide, so I started pushing his wheelchair through the mulch to it. He shook his head and said “No, not that one, THAT one!” and pointed to one of the biggest slides on the playground.

    I paused, looking up, and only saw the number of stairs. Mr. Johnson didn’t see that. I’m not going to pretend to know what he saw instead, but whatever it was told him he was going to get up to that slide with or without my help.
    I can’t remember exactly how long it took us, but it took a MINIMUM of a half hour to get to the top. The ENTIRE time I was anxiously behind him, just waiting for him to fall. Every time he would stop, my heart would drop and I would ask if he wanted to turn back or if he was done. Every time, he would say, “I got it.”

    We got up to the top. Took another five minutes to get him lowered into a seated position for the slide. The video of him going down the slide is 15 seconds long. Half an hour of work for 15 seconds. The laugh afterward, though? Priceless.

    Fast forward a year. 2018. Same park, same slide, same Mr. Johnson. What had taken him more than half an hour the year before now took him less than five minutes. What had previously required hand-over-hand assistance? I was a step or two behind the whole way up. Same park, same slide, same Mr. Johnson, same laugh afterward.

    Patient determination. Taking things slow doesn’t mean progress isn’t made. What you are now won’t be what you will be in a year. The simplicity of the words “I got this” does not determine the power they hold.

    Anthony Johnson, you were an incredible teacher of life experiences and you are already sorely missed. I hope you rest in power, my friend.

  6. Oh sweet Anthony, Outside the Box will never be the same without your sweet greeting first thing in the morning. I looked forward to that “how you doing?”. He was one of the kindest, sweetest, most welcoming people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

  7. Oh, Anthony Johnson!!! It was such a beautiful privilege to directly serve you each day during my years at OTB. There are so many memories I could share, but they would not do you justice. Your passing was brought to my attention early last week, and the news has been extremely rough on my heart.

    You have brought an amazing light to so many souls. I know your infectious positive personality will continue to touch lives forever. Anthony, you are one of the first beautiful individuals I worked with in group, and also an example of why I have developed so much passion for this field. You taught me understanding towards patience, determination, confidence, capability, and pure bliss.

    Thank you for the lessons I had no idea I needed to be taught. Thank you for the hugs, hand shakes, love, and heart-warming brilliant energy. I hope you rest peacefully.

  8. Anthony was such a bright light at Outside the Box and one who was a friend to all he came into contact with. We will forever be missing a piece of our hearts in his absence. Rest easy, sweet soul ❤️.

  9. Our community has lost a great man and a true friend. Anthony’s energy transformed a room and could make the most mundane moments be bright and fun. I will never forget that smile and laugh! The positivity, kindness, and love that he brought to OTB everyday meant everything and was absolutely contagious.

  10. One of my first days working at OTB was working with Anthony. I remember going to the mall with the group. His joy, his smile, his determination made that day ever so memorable to me. He never met a stranger. Once you knew him, you were a friend for life. The world is slightly less joyful without his presence. He was truly one amazing human being and my life is forever changed because of him.

  11. Our family look forward to seeing Anthony. He was a joyful person. Bridget’s great friend. We are saddened by his passing, but better people for to have known him. May God hold him close.

  12. What a temdet heart and tender person. I pray his spirit will live on though all those his life touched in so many special ways.

  13. I can hear him now asking “All of this for me” and We would reply “Yes Anthony, all of these people are here for you.

    Our mom gave birth to Anthony in Jan of 72. As we all know, he was born with cerebral palsy which was accompanied by grandma seizures. My mother fought long and hard to keep custody of her first-born child and son who lived with her until he was an adult and was ready to see more of life. She made sure he graduated high school and worked a job like the rest of us. She never treated Anthony any different than the rest of her children, he was the same as us in our eyes. We saw past his condition and saw Anthony.

    This is who Anthony was, he didn’t let anything stop him from being him, he was loving, fun, cheerful, caring, kept positive energy no matter what he was battling physically or internally, he kept a smile on his face. He complained about nothing. He judged no one, he loved everyone and wanted everyone to be happy. If you were sad, he wanted to make you smile. My brother was funny and sarcastic. He didn’t think folks knew when he was being sarcastic but we sure did.

    Anthony also loved his music, our mother’s love for music flowed through us and he knew just about every song and if he didn’t know the words, he would make up his own or humm the words. We grew up on music from the 70’s and 80’s and I remember Anthony putting his own adlibs in songs where he felt they should go. If a song had a question in the lyrics, he would try to incorporate the answer into the song. Anthony would try to sing all the notes within every song. Music and singing were one of his favorite things to do.

    Anthony also never forgot a face. He may forget your name but trust me, he never forgot a face. If he saw you out, he would be sure to make you center of attention by letting everyone know who you were to him. He didn’t care the distance. He always made you feel special when he saw you.

    Overall, Anthony was known for his amazing beautiful spirit. He would light up any room that he walked in. His bright smile. I can picture him meeting God saying” You know me? My name is Anthony, I’m Irma Johnson son”. Anthony was a God sent Angel. If you have never believed in Angels then you’ve never met Anthony Roshawn Johnson. Along with my brother’s voice and laughter, these are just some of the many things I will miss about my Big Brother and I know he will always be with us.
    Fly High Anthony, We Will Always Love and Miss you!!

    Thank you all for the kind words and being such a Great part of my brother’s life!

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